Snowflake Fidget Spinner for Tricks! - 六珠雪花陀螺 - 花式競技糸列 -

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Snowflake Fidget Spinner for Tricks!

3D Printed, weighted 70 gram, 608 metal bearing.

Best spinner for playing tricks!!

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帶"自平衡"糸統, 防滑膠蓋, 加強穩定性, 


東亞人手掌比鬼佬細, 歐美傳入的3頁款式偏大, 不就手, 此指尖陀螺連小朋友的手都能玩, 玩花式更就手.



標價美金, 香港寄去全球, 信用卡付款, 香港本地郵寄可銀行過數, 然後寄回收據至

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