No Tubes - NIXT CLOCK - DIY Kit IN-14 Nixie Clock Through-hole Soldering Version

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DIY IN-14 Nixie Clock
Through-hole Soldering Version 
Through-hole Parts Not Soldered 
SMD Parts Soldered
***firmware uploaded
Dimension:  ~5x8x20CM
Power input: 12V1A 5.5mm/2.1mm (9V-18V, Higher than 10Watt)
Soldering diagram: (as labeled on the PCB and given online document links)
Remote Control
Save setting when power off
Led breath light from the bottom
All led can turn off
Sleep mode setting to extend the tube lifetime
Breathing or flash tube text
Anti-cathode poisoning system
USB programmer connection to PC (for update firmware)
3 modes of switch digits
12/24 Hour
C / F temp format
Reference of the IN-14 Nixie Tube:
54mm*19mm for the glass body
18*8.5mm for the text
>5000-20000 hour lifetime (this clock has auto sleep function)
The time module
DS3231 - extremely accurate I2C real- time clock (RTC) with an integrated temperature- compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal.
Temp function is not used, we use an external temp sensor on this clock.
1 SMD Parts Soldered PCB board, need to solder through hole parts
1 set of through-hole parts
1 Power Supply (12V well branded power)
1 Remote controller (cr2025 battery not included)

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