With Tubes - IN-17 NIXIE TUBE Watch - 100% Assembled - Nixie Watch Clock

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IN-17 Nixie Watch
100% Assembled
With New IN-17 Nixie Tube Soldered

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***firmware uploaded and fixed

Dimension: ~50x50x30mm
Belt Strap length: ~210mm
Power input: 5V (USB charging)
Battery Life: 10 hour
Charging time: 4 hour

Hour and Minute Only
Display hour when blinking the first tube, minute on the second tube
Auto on off with the mercury switch, working on left and right hand, turn on the tubes when facing horizontal front.
10 hour power supply

24 Hour

Mercury Switch and High Voltage Product
Do not touch conduction parts or break the mercury switch
Nixie tube are easy to break with heat
10 hour battery life
Not water proof or water resist
It is great for Nixie Tube Collection, not good for normal daily use.

Detail Technique and info:

Remove power cap when charging, it will turn off the system, but the time is saved

Use given USB charging adaptor, plug to the "IN" pins, red led for charging, blue led for charge complete,

Up button for edit minute>edit hour>display time
Lower button for adjust time

Battery: Soldered in the PCB with 350C temp soldering, full charge to 4.2V, normaly output 3.7 volt

IN-17 is cold cathode neon gas discharge indicator intended to display Arabic digits in a shape of “0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9” . Digit size approx 8 x 5.5 mm (H,W). There are normal “5” (not an upside down “2”).

The time module
DS3231 - extremely accurate I2C real- time clock (RTC) with an integrated temperature- compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal.
Temp function is not used, we use external temp sensor on this clock.


Q: Is it possible to use it while it is in charge? Does it present a risk of leaving the power cap in place when charging?
A: Yes, the charging device will detect a high voltage if the watch is in use, and the led will turn blue for charging complete, but it still safe to use and keep charging slowly.

Q: In what direction should the red and black connectors of IN pins be connected? Same question for the connector of the ST-link V2 programmer.
A: It is now show in the picture gallery

1 IN-17 Nixie Watch With 3D printed plastic case and rubber belt
1 Power Charging Device

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