COLORIC - Combining acrylic art and nixie clock

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Somehow I think the acrylic is more attractive then nixie tube, we must make a clock features on acrylic and light, even 100% made of acrylic. So we start to build and test the full acrylic clock, still with a PCB inside the clock.

Without concerning the cost of acrylic and shipping weight, we increase the size for the perfect look, and here is the final version of the acrylic clock and name it "COLORIC"

Final Product



5V USB Power

Full color led

Light sensor to auto off at night

Big desk clock 10*10*26 CM (4*4*10 INCH)

Big Digit 37.3*26.4 mm (1.46*1.04 INCH)

Heavy weight 1KG ( 2.205 lb )


12/24 Hr time format


C'F' temperature format

3 Digit Switching effects

3 Led color themes, and 6 fixed color

3 Digit animation at every 00 second


Free shipping to worldwide, arrives in 2-3 week for most country,

-make sure your shipping address includes a telephone number 

-the clock needs a CR2025 battery to save the time, it was removed due to airmail safety, you have to buy one locally

-You only need to assemble the acrylic block and the battery as this video show: