Complete Assembled AuraCube 8x8x8

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AuraCube 8x8x8

Full Color 3D Matrix Cube

All parts assembled, ready to play out of the box.

512x RGB Leds - Clear Acrylic Case

Animation Creating Software - Remote Control

Micro SD Card Stored Animation

Animation Video Demo

What Is This?
The Aura Cube is a 3D display, made with 512 Leds to build and display 3D graphics, through programming or with graphic software you can create any animation you want, as graphics frame can be animation when they play together. The Leds linked in a cube format, like this one is 8x8x8, each led has 4 pins connected to the PCB board, it also called RGB Led Cube.

The Video Demo of the animation show

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How it Works?
There has a software included in the kit, you can draw animation frame by frame, with just a mouse click, no other complicated button needed, click on every led show on software to fill in colors, after that copy the saved file to the SD card, the Aura Cube will read and play the animation file when press remote button “0”

What are the functions?
Beside animation, it has microphone and audio input, can interact with the leds to be audio spectrum display. Also it has a night light mode function, adjust the color and brightness of all led with button “4”-”9”

How to use it?
Plug in the power supply and check the remote with battery inserted, the cube will first show the programmed animations in the firmware code, you can press “0” to play the animation in SD card. We have saved some animation in the SD when you buy, you can also share your animation created to the faecbook fan page.

Does it work in my country and my computer?
We have power supply for 110V-200V and all country style
The software work only with PC with with XP 7 8 10 or newer.

All parts assembled, ready to play out of the box.
512x RGB Leds - Common anode leds
With Acrylic Case
Come with Animation Creating Software
Remote Controled
3.5mm Audio Input - Programmable
Micro SD Card Stored Animation

Dimension: ~20*20*24CM
Weight: ~2kg
Power Input: DC 5V5A

Software System Required:
Support WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/2003/2008/2012 -32Bit/64Bit
More video can be find in the YouTube channel

Instructions, firmware and software share on

And a simple quick instruction file


Contents: (includes every things you need to play the 888 rgb Led Cube)

5x leds for repairing purpose

1x Assmebled RGB led cube 8x8x8 with acrylic case cover on (please remove the Sheet Plastic packing carefully)

1x 5v5a power supply

1x audio jack connector

1x remote controller*****

1x ST-Link V2 programmer with ribbon cable

1x Micro SD Card

1x registration key for the software (refer to the instructions)

*****cr2025 battery removed as it can't ship by air



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You can DIY assembly this cube if you know how to soldering, we already have many customer build and share their works on facebook page or instructables


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