DIY Electronic Kit Parts-Arduino Nano Word Clock LED Clock Oak Wood Case

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About This Project
The WordClock is a project from makezine project
We corrected some code and corrected some circuit path on the PCB, the instruction in the magazine is still working. We also include a additional soldering guide instruction in the package. Firmware is already uploaded to the Arduino Nano

You will need to solder the parts and glue the wood case.
Firmware is already uploaded, and linked in the instruction.

6.3" X 6.3" X 1.4"
16*16*3.5 CM

Parts Included (every parts need to build the clock)
Bare PCB
Ribbon Wire
Arduino Nano
USB to DC power cable
ICs and Resistor Pack
Wood Case
Parchment paper
Color glass paper
Light Guide

Parts NOT Included
a 5V1A USB Power Supply
CR2035 Button Battery

Tools NOT Included
Soldering Iron
Super Glue / epoxy for the wood case
Sand paper (do not sand the letter stencil)