Mini Teleprompter - Funded With Kickstarter (Pre-order)

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Mini Teleprompter - Funded With Kickstarter (Pre-order)


Ship by 30 Sep 2018


If you can project the text on the camera lens, you can do presentation / speech better and easier, with eye contact on camera all the way.

This teleprompter is the smallest and cheapest in the market, with professional real beam splitter glass, 80% transparent, not plastic mirror with low transparent rate on the market.

Screen size fit 6.5" smartphone screen and iPhone X

Fit 82mm diameteror below lens ring, using step up rings, one or more to connect to the teleprompter

The plastic case is 3D printed, so we can do quick manufacturing and quick delivery beside quick starter.

Apps are free to download on the apps store market, there are many free apps, try to search "teleprompter" lots of apps can use in this teleprompter

Step up ring is a must have to connect camera lens, you need to know your lens diameter and buy step up ring in eBay / Amazon, its about 2-3 USD

Please read this link and know what is your lens diameter -----------------------



Ship by 30 Sep 2018