OpenTrack FreeTrack Camera + IR LED Track Clip Pro

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OpenTrack FreeTrack Camera + IR LED Track Clip Pro
A Video Demo with TrackHat OpenTrack / OpenTrack
Head Tracking for PC Game
Modified USB Webcam with IR LED Headphone Clip & TV Stand
Ready to play many new game head motion tracking
Work with TrackHat OpenTrack and FaceTrackNoIR and FreeTrack
(Items are modified in handwork, has some small scratch or crack)
Use For:
PC combat flight and driving game , America Truck Sim, Euro Truck, War Thunder, FSX, ARMA3 ARMA2, DCS WORLD, PREPAR3D etc....
Game supported by OpenTrack and FaceTrackNoIR: (The same to TrackIR)
Game supported by FreeTrack:
PS3 EYE Camera Specification:
125 FPS at 350p    75 FPS at 680p  (highest speed on the webcam market)
1.5 meter USB Cable Powered 
With TV stand and 180 rotating stand
Manual focus turning
Not working on TrackIR software
Working on FreeTrack OpenTrack TrackHat OpenTrack and FaceTrackNoIr
All new and ready to go when driver for PS3 Eye installed
Camera does no work with NatruePoint TrackIR system
IR resistance lens in the web cam is removed, an IR filter was added into the web cam.
Camera lens maybe replaced with other lens due to not focusing after remove the IR filter layer/lens. 
(some PS3 eye has the IR filter at outside, it look easy to remove but it was also a focus lens, will affect the focus structure after removing the IR filter, so we have to replace a new lens, which also gives more adjustable focusing)
IR Led Clip Specification:
All new and ready to go
2 meter USB Cable Powered  (5V 0.5A)
Led Clip work with NatruePoint "TrackIR 5 / 4 Camera"
With magic strap easy attach to headphone.
System Required:
Support PC up to Win 10
Win 8 and Win 10 only work with FaceTrackNoIR and TrackHat OpenTrack. 
Driver Required:
CL software (for PS3 Eye Camera Only)
Google for "cl ps3 eye driver " click in top 3 link to compare
CL software setup
This software is a driver turns the PS3 eye to a USB PC webcam
You need to buy the software if you want a updated version, 
Older version was free and still works base on many user experience.
Google for "cl ps3 eye driver " click in top 3 link to compare
We do refund (return) for the PS3 eye camera, but will not refund(return)for the software.
Software setup
Instruction included in package
Start the tracking software and the Camera and Led Clip, directly start you game, no need to do setting on you game,
FreeTrack has no update for the past 2 year, and FaceTrackNoIR or Open Track is coming up to replace it as a free opensource Head Tracking software, 
Software Download
Contents For the PS3 Eye Cam:
1x USB WebCam**
1x TV Stand
Contents For the USB IR Led Clip:
1x USB IR Led Clip (Black color)
1x magic strap in black color
*Headphone and the computer is not included
** The Lens has been replaced and not look like the one on first picture, it will have better focusing performance, original lens does not focus well after removing the IR resistor, we have sourced some lens with out IR resistor for security camera system.
1.FreeTrack OpenTrack or PC game has error message
-Right click on Freetrack.exe and the game file with .exe end, chose content, set to run as Administrator 
-Set PS3 eye resolution on 24Bits instead of 32Bits
2.LED point are not clear, or too many led detected or image blur.
-Check the brightness with you smartphone camera, it is IR light.
-Adjust the focus gear on the PS3 eye camera lens
-Adjust "Gain" "Exposure" on camera setting on CL-eye test 
-Set auto white balance on CL-eye test
-Set manual exposure / brightness on CL-eye test 
-Choose 3 Point LED clip mode on Tracking Software
5.Black screen on CL PS3 eye test or FreeTrack
-Set auto white balance on  CL-eye test 
-Set manual exposure / brightness on  CL-eye test 
-Restart Windows or try reinstall the CL-eye test if still no help
4. FPS is low as 45fps
-Choose "24bit 125fps" on the "stream" button on FreeTrack"
-Set camera output 120FPS on FreeTrack
-If you going to choose 75FPS, the same you have to set Camera Output at 75FPS
5. Set auto save profile on FreeTrack will help keep the setting
6. Will it work on WIN10?
Yes with TrackHat OpenTrack and FaceTrackNoIR
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@More reference video, The tracking camera and led clip can buy in our store, 
may look little difference in the video but we sent the new and best product


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